TopDog Pledge


About the TopDog Pledge

The Democrats2Presidents, Senators, Congress people, and everyday Americans alike often elect to adopt purebreds, forgetting the horrific and life-threatening conditions facing rescue and shelter dogs. It’s time for the American people to do better.

That’s where TopDog 2016 comes in.

By signing the TopDog 2016 Pledge, candidates, incumbents, and citizens alike make a written commitment to making their next pet a rescue animal.

By welcoming a rescue dog into their homes, everyday Americans can send a message of care and compassion to his or her fellow citizens, while addressing a concrete economic concern. According to the ASPCA, each year taxpayers are burdened with $2 billion to round up, house, and, sadly, euthanize shelter dogs. If more Americans adopted the 7.6 million animals that annually enter shelters nationwide, the nation would not only be more financially robust but also happier, as studies repeatedly show that pet ownership contributes to a more joyous and healthy life.

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