“I rescued Shea back in June 2014, during a vacation to Florida with a friend. While we were there we came across a litter of puppies whose owner was unable to care for them. All four puppies were in pretty rough shape; their nails were so long they couldn’t even walk. But thankfully my friend’s mom was just as much of an animal lover as myself and allowed us to care for these poor babies in her home for the next few weeks. We found all of the puppies new homes — with the exception of Shea, who seemed to pick me from day one. She was the runt of the litter at barely 2 lbs, and I couldn’t let her go. Naturally, I took her back to New York and she has been living the sweet life ever since.Shea spends most of her time divided between sleeping under her favorite blanket and playing with her sister Ellie (a cat I rescued about 6 months after Shea). Even though many people questioned my decision to take Shea home, being right out of college, I haven’t regretted it a day since. She is the highlight of every day. Coming home to her every night standing on her hind legs, waving her paws, and squealing with excitement never gets old!” – Samantha Lagani

Location: New York, New York

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